Marmaris Longbeach
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Is Marmaris Safe for Tourists

Is Marmaris safe for tourists Is Marmaris Safe for Tourists? For many years tourists consider Marmaris as a safe place to go. The resort areas in Turkey tend to be better policed and safer that
Using your credit card on vacation
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Using your credit card

Using your credit card on vacation  Visa and Mastercard are accepted world wide, but because of new precautions designed for your protection, providers are becoming more restrictive in their authorizations.  You may discover this the
How much money do i need
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How much money do i need ?

I have never been to Turkey before was unsure of how much money me and my husband will need for two weeks. Any suggestions?  This is a really personal question and very much depends on
Turkish Lira is the Local Currency in Marmaris
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What is the cost of living in Marmaris?

What is the cost of living in Marmaris?  Living costs in Marmaris are relatively low compared to other Mediterranean countries, Europe and the U.K. Rental Fees A decent one bedroom apartment to rent for minimum