Using your credit card

Using your credit card on vacation

Using your credit card on vacation  Visa and Mastercard are accepted world wide, but because of new precautions designed for your protection, providers are becoming more restrictive in their authorizations.  You may discover this the hard way on your future trip. It is embarrassing to be in a restaurant or in line purchasing items at a store (invariably with a line of customers behind you) when the server says that you have to call your credit card company. Employees in the resort are actually very patient in these situations, which have been happening with more frequency. Credit cards are much more easily accepted than travelers checks and certainly more convenient for you. If you are using Euros or other monies, the currency conversion is done for you and you do not end up going home with a pocketful of foreign change. The solution is to call the credit companies you will be using, a week before your departure, telling them your travel plans and dates. They will program this information into their system and your transactions will go through smoothly. It could save you time and possible aggravation, which is the last thing you want to experience while on your relaxing vacation!