The most popular Marmaris International Yacht Club

Marmaris International Yacht Club
A View from Marmaris Race Week

The most popular Marmaris International Yacht Club

The most popular Marmaris International Yacht Club was founded in 1992 by the yachtsmen and women of Marmaris. Prior to the formation of the club, these people would hold various amateur races between themselves but once the club was set up, they saw an opportunity to create an official get-together and organised the first Marmaris Race Week.

The MIYC has about 200 members today and each year during the Marmaris Race Week, hosts around 200 yachts and 2000 racers from all over the world.

The MIYC has also been the main body responsible for the organisation of the Marmaris Yacht Festival for many years. This is an international event which gives the local crewed charter yachts and local agencies to promote themselves and the Turkish coast as a charter destination.

MIYC has started the Yacht and Yacht Equipment’s Fair with a couple of stands on the first years of the festival. Now it has expanded its activity range with the yacht and yacht equipment’s fair by organizing it as a separate event since 2001. The fair is organized by the time of festival each year and it provides an extra potential to the region’s existing maritime business.

2024 Race Calendar

Regatta NameDates
15th MIYC MARMARİS WINTER TROPHY – 1st LEG 20-21 January 2024Details
15th MIYC MARMARİS WINTER TROPHY – 2nd LEG 10-11 February 2024Details
15th MIYC MARMARİS WINTER TROPHY – 3rd LEG2-3 March 2024Details
15th MIYC MARMARİS WINTER TROPHY – 4th LEG6-7 April 2024 Details
15th MIYC MARMARİS WINTER TROPHY – 5th LEG20-21 April 2024Details
Regatta NameDates
TRIO CUP – 1st LEGFebruary 9, 2024Details
TRIO CUP – 2nd LEGMarch 1, 2024Details
TRIO CUP – 3rd LEGApril 1, 2024Details
TRIO CUP – 4th LEGApril 19, 2024Details
Regatta NameDates
CAMPUS CUP15-16-17 March 2024Details
KIRLANGIÇ KUPASI9-10-11 September 2024Details
CHANNEL REGATTA13-14-15 September 2024Details
35th MARMARİS INTERNATIONAL RACE WEEK26 October – 1 November 2024 Details

Marmaris International Yacht Club

Phone: +90 252 413 38 77

Phone: +90 543 413 38 77

Address: Sarıana Mah. A. Orhan Aydın Spor Tesisleri 48700 Marmaris Muğla Türkiye