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Blue Cruise in Turkey

Blue Cruise

Blue Cruise Turkey

Blue Cruise Turkey. Discover Turkey’s Turquoise Coast on a yachting holiday unlike any other. Board a gulet and you’ll spend your days soaking up endless sunshine, napping, reading and relaxing
Blue Cruise

Weekly cabin charters in Turkey

Weekly cabin charters in Turkey provide an excellent way for individuals or small groups to experience the beauty of Turkey’s coastline, islands, and historic sites without the need to charter an entire private yacht.

Shopping in Marmaris


Shopping Days in Marmaris

Shopping Days in Marmaris Early Spring & Late Autumn Season Every day is a shopping day in Marmaris. Yet most of you who love bargains will find it easier to bag that

Turkish Carpets

Turkish carpets, also known as Turkish rugs or kilims, are renowned worldwide for their exceptional craftsmanship, intricate designs, and rich cultural heritage


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