What is people’s opinion of us British people?

What is people's opinion of us British people?

What is people’s opinion of us British people? We are coming to Marmaris in May and I’d hate to think that the Turkish people would be unfriendly to me or my family, because of events in Iraq. I visited Marmaris last year and had a great time.  The war has not affected safety in resort and the country. Since our company is based in Marmaris, we are happy to say that Marmaris has not been affected: it is preparing for the season this year. Please read Marmaris News online www.marmarisinfo.com/news and country advise. As for the Turkish people’s attitude, it is bad coverage on the media, and what you see on TV takes place in large cities like Istanbul, Ankara. The witnesses of the massive protests described them as far more “anti-Bush” than anti-American and “anti-Blair” than anti-British. Count on TV news to give generous coverage to any violence, tear gas or arrests that may occur, creating the impression that this is happening on every street in Turkey. Obviously, Marmaris is not like that at all. We would just say take the usual precaution, avoid talking politics and demonstrations. Having said this, just consider these statistical figures: A Turkish public opinion survey by the ANAR polling institute showed 87% of Turks oppose a military operation against Iraq. Furthermore, 62.8% believe Turkey should not get involved in a war if it occurs, either directly or indirectly by making bases available to the United States. According to the February Guardian/ICM poll, 52% of British people oppose war, while 29% of people support it. This poll also showed that Prime Minister Tony Blair has sustained significant political damage due to his support for President Bush’s Iraq policy. Blair’s personal approval rating has crashed to minus 20 points. Have a safe trip!