The Best Dentist and Dental Clinics in Marmaris

The Best Dentist and Dental Clinics in Marmaris

What is Dental Tourism?

Dentist and dental clinics in Marmaris. Dental tourism generally refers to patients seeking treatment abroad due to high private health fees or long waiting periods in their own country. However, a country specializing in a specific health field can offer better quality services at more affordable prices, just as products specific to a country are of better quality and cheaper.

Due to Turkey’s specialisation in dental care, nearly 150,000 foreign patients including expats receive dental treatment annually. As a result, Turkish dentists have gained more experience and knowledge, and clinics are investing more in technology to provide better service to patients.

Why come to Turkey for Dental Tourism?

With nearly one million health tourists visiting the country each year, a significant portion of them are dental tourists. It is worth noting that Turkey’s development in dentistry is not solely due to dental tourism in the last 10-15 years, but rather the country’s rich history of modern dentistry dating back almost 150 years.

Turkey’s popularity as a destination for dental tourism can be attributed to its abundance of experienced dentists and prestigious educational institutions in the field. As a result, the training standards for dentists in Turkey are believed to be higher those in the UK, Europe and America. To become a dentist in Turkey, students must complete a mandatory 5-year education process. Additionally, dentistry students must undergo a 3-year advanced training program in their chosen specialty, such as orthodontics or periodontology.

Patients who choose Turkey for their dental treatment can benefit from the Mediterranean climate. Turkey offers affordable opportunities for relaxation and entertainment in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels.

Why are dental treatments cheaper in Turkey?

Consider two paintings made with paint on canvas of similar quality. One painter is from Turkey with years of experience who has undergone a strict training processes to become a painter. The other is an American painter with years of experience in their field and has also undergone through a rigorous training process. Which do you think is of better quality and which is more expensive?

Assessing the quality of Turkish painters’ work can be challenging. However, due to the lower level of costs in Turkey, their paintings are likely to be three or four times cheaper than those of American painters.

The same principle applies to dental treatments.

Secondly, countries that specialise in a particular area of healthcare can provide the best service and offer more affordable prices. For instance, Turkey has made significant progress in the field of dentistry due to its robust educational infrastructure.

In addition to providing all dental services, clinics now have their own anesthesiologists and laboratories allowing them to perform minor cosmetic procedures. This is another factor contributing to the affordability of dental tourism prices in Turkey.

Most dental clinics offer a range of advanced technological opportunities, including intraoral scanning instruments, microscopic devices, in-house laboratory CAD-CAM technology, and laser-assisted treatment options. These options may not be readily available in other countries, such as the UK or America.

What are the Standard Dental Tourism Services?

Reputable dental clinics provide a full range of dental services, from general to complex treatments, while maintaining a thorough examination of each patient.

The dentists offer a range of treatments, including dental implants, teeth whitening with or without a laser, bonding, no-prep veneers, all-on-4, laminate veneers, dental crowns, deep cleaning, and gum contouring. Most dentists provide clear and concise information, explaining the technical terms, and adhere to a formal register with consistent technical terminology.

Travel (Transfer Arrangements)

For transfers related to travel, don’t let concerns about your transportation distract you from focusing on your dental treatment. The guidance and assistance of a team in a foreign country you are traveling to is an essential part of a good treatment plan.

At Transfer Turkey transfer services to dental patients. This service is provided upon request, with an understanding that travelling is a part of your treatment and that your comfort is crucial to a successful outcome.

In addition to providing comfortable transportation, we also offer you an opportunity to enjoy the many holiday activities available in Marmaris.

If requested, we can arrange a comfortable and secure stay in a hotel and assist with transportation from the airport to your hotel.


Marmaris Accommodation provides a range of accommodation options.
You can select a tourist hotel located near the dental clinic or a larger 5-star hotel a little further away.

The city’s captivating atmosphere and natural beauty are sure to impress you. To make the most of your treatment and holiday, we recommend planning daily activities and tours in Marmaris.

After your dental treatment is complete, you can continue to enjoy all that Marmaris has to offer. The city’s taxi fares are reasonably priced and will sufficiently meet your transportation needs.

Why Choose Marmaris for Dental Tourism?

Marmaris offers quality dental care for Europeans and British, along with many holiday opportunities. It is a unique destination in Europe that allows you to combine dental care with a holiday.

The city’s popularity among tourists in Turkey and Europe has led to the rapid development of dental tourism, with many dental clinics now located in Marmaris.

Marmaris is known for its experienced dentists, particularly in aesthetic dentistry and implant surgery.

Patients who choose Marmaris for treatment can also enjoy fun activities to relieve treatment-related stress.

Turkey is One of Best Dental Tourism Centre

Turkey is one of best dental tourism centres in the world. The country has experienced rapid growth in this field, with potential that has only recently been realised, surpassing the world average.

This is a significant indication of the high level of patient satisfaction with the treatment received.

Turkey’s success in the dental field is not solely due to dental tourism, but rather the result of a well-established modern dental education system dating back 150 years.

Additionally, Turkey’s private healthcare system is highly successful in all fields of health, as can be seen upon closer examination.

Source: Dentist Berker ATAR