Carsi Market in Marmaris

Carsi Market in Marmaris Marmaris Markets

Carsi Market in Marmaris Marmaris Markets Nestled in the heart of the resort, in the shadow of the Ottoman Castle, the Old Carsi Market offers the perfect antidote to out-of-town shopping malls. The shops in the old covered market are the place to look for something original, of good quality and value for money. Sundays are busiest, with over 200 shops operating, including 1 TL shops, brand name shops, leather, carpet, souvenir and jewellers shops and markets. On weekdays between 11:00 and 16:00 the markets’ varied shops are quieter, except at lunchtime, when the choice of eating places attracts the young crowd on the waterfront. Carsi Market is also good for some sightseeing, as you could walk up to the Ottoman Castle to see a small museum and enjoy the view of Marmaris bay, visit an old mosque in the center of the carsi, stay around the drinking fountain located in front of the mosque. These authentic places will help you experience the unique atmosphere and pace of the local life.