Could you possibly give me information on how I go about applying for a working visa to work in Turkey.  

It is essential that the foreigners intending to work in Turkey must obtain a work visa from the Turkish Missions abroad prior to their arrival. Those who arrive with their work visas and if the validity of their visas suitable, they will be granted a residency permit first for one year then three and five years.

You have to find your job first and put your application to a Turkish Mission abroad, e.g Turkish Consulate in London. Phone number is 020 7393 0202 — Fax: 020 7393 0066. The address is 43 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PA. 

Please put your application as early as possible so that required formalities will be completed on time. You will then be granted with a work permit only if your application is suitable.

If you are granted with one year residency visa, please do not forget to convert this visa to a residency permit in Turkey within a month commencing your arrival.