Turkish Carpets

Turks were amongst the earliest carpet weavers in history. Carpet weaving is still widespread throughout Anatolia. It is one of the traditional crafts that survive with original vitality and folklore. Carpets are woven knot by knot on handlooms. Each hand made carpet is unique. There may be similar designs but one is never exactly the same as the other. Fine carpets are made of pure sheep wool, pure silk, or cotton. These carpets are dyed with natural dyes; therefore, good quality hand woven carpets are very enduring and their colours are everlasting. Turkish carpets are woven individually at village homes and in special workshops. Every carpet has a story and everyone is a unique piece of artistic talent that has taken hours of painstaking labour.

Besides carpets there are boldly patterned “kilims” (woven rugs) and “cicims” (embroidered rugs). Also there are very attractive rugs of Angora goat wool.