Shopping Days in Marmaris
Early Spring & Late Autumn Season 

Every day is a shopping day in Marmaris. Yet most of you who love bargains will find it easier to bag that most wanted item and pay half price… from March to May and … from the end of September to end of October every year. This is considered to be the ‘off-season’ months in Marmaris. Most shopkeepers need to make a start of their business with fresh cash early spring or in the last month of the season begin to count their inventory and money made in the season. They do not have much time to go and need to sell off to turn their products into cash, much needed for rent, salaries, and of course taxes. So here you are – their much needed customer in their shop! Be there at the right place and right time! March also works for many as early Easter shopping. 

A word of advice: don’t leave your shopping for the last day. You all know why 🙂