Popular with yachtspeople, this former traditional boat-builders’ village on the Bozburun Peninsula is – for now – little more than a promenade, lined with restaurants, pensions and bars on a calm bay, beneath a few toppled ruins. The price of land here is rising though, along with accommodation and restaurant charges, and the village is slowly starting to resemble the chichi Bodrum Peninsula. Visit soon, while it retains its air of blissful detachment from the outside world.

Between June and September, boats offer day cruises around the bay, stopping at beaches for swimming, for about ₺50 including lunch and drinks.

The mountainous, deeply indented Bozburun Peninsula is the perfect place to escape the madness of Marmaris. For a real off-the-beaten-track adventure, kick-start a motorbike or scooter and roll down the winding country roads, into a natural paradise and villages that modernity forgot. From Marmaris, take the coast road to İçmeler and then wind through the hills to Turunç, Bayırköy, Söğüt and Bozburun, returning via Selimiye and the main Datça–Marmaris road – a circuit of about 120km.

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