Marmaris Info Buyer Guide
Marmaris … A Shopper’s Paradise..? The later years prove Marmaris no longer a cheap shopping destination.

Marmaris has remained a popular shopping destination until recently. In fact Turkey was one of the places where people would come to buy cheap. It is changing now. Marmaris is no longer the place where people especially foreigners can buy cheap. At the moment, Marmaris is good to buy counterfeits of designer jewellery, wear and leather products. Yet, that does not mean the 
counterfeits are any cheaper… The prices that are asked for fake leather bags vary from 600 TL to 800 TL. 
Instead we would advise visitors to look for Turkish brands which are good in quality and have no
counterfeits as yet.

Many products such as clothes, woollen fabrics, designer- wear, shoes, jewellery, leather, carpets and of course spirits and tobacco products are more expensive than in most European countries. That is the reason many of your local acquaintance would ask to bring a bottle of famous spirits or cigarettes if you mention you are going to visit the Greek island of Rhodes on your holiday in Marmaris.

Some jewellery shops have their own workshops and offer a remarkable choice of models and design. These are visited on city tours, offered by your tour operator. The city tour is free of charge with them and is centered around shopping. The workshops are shown briefly, followed by an extensive visit to the jewellery shop. You will find everything in design and various quality. Jewellery is generally hand made in silver or 18 carat gold. Gold jewellery must display its carat seal, for example 14 or 18 and is sold by weight. Jewellery is good value and of wide variety of rings and bracelets adorned with precious and semi-precious stones. Also traditional jewellery ornamented with precious stones and nice imitations. Also the dealers are generally very knowledgeable about import regulations and duties on precious jewellery and gold in other countries. Make sure to receive your VAT Free shopping voucher with any of your big buys, including jewellery. The shop must fill out the official form mentioning full details of the shop, its tax number and clearly state the VAT amount of your purchase. The form will also include your passport details. The official stamp must be placed on the voucher to enable you to collect your tax refund on departure. Due to Turkey’s VAT Free shopping you can collect a tax refund on departure to your country of origin. 

Turkish folk art is alive and well with numerous small industries producing traditional pottery, leather goods, wood and metalwork, embroidery, weaving and knitting.

Turkish wines can be bought from many shops throughout the resort as well as famous and unique local honey, another speciality of Marmaris production.

Beautiful hand-woven carpets can be bought from some carpet factories and in various shops in Marmaris and in the village of Turgut.

Local lace and embroideries are also available in various shops all around Marmaris.

In general shopping hours are from 10am to 10pm. During summer many shops are keeping open after 10pm 
( especially in the Old town ).