How to find your dream house? 

Without making several visits in different seasons to the area in which you want to purchase, it is difficult to assess the pros and cons of a site or property which seems to be ideal. A quaint, rustic position in summer may turn out to be cut off by a raging torrent of spring rains, or marvelously green hillside position with a stunning view in spring could well be an arid, waterless waste in summer.

You should also decide whether you intend to have sole use of your house, or rent it at some periods. Anyone intending rentals as a business proposition should bear in mind that, unless a substantial number of properties are owned and maintained by you, rentals are likely to cover the costs maintaining the property at best.


Further resources are available upon request to including the new Real Estate Law.
Amendment to the Law on Title Deeds Law No. 5444 Date of Adoption : 29.12.2005

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