Night Life in Marmaris
Night life in Marmaris – Bars in Marmaris, Discos in Marmaris, Night Clubs in Marmaris

Marmaris Nightlife

Discover top rated Bars & Nightlife for the leisure and business traveler on our Marmaris & Icmeler Bars & Pubs Guide. 

Read up on the Top Picks from the Marmaris Info so you’ll be informed on things to do, where to go, and which bar to check the next time your travel plans bring you to Marmaris.

Whether you want a riotous night or a secret speakeasy experience, there’s a perfect style bar somewhere in Marmaris. 

We at spend an inordinate amount of time tracking and choosing bars in Marmaris and say this without fear of contradiction: these are the best places in town featured on Marmaris. 

Long Beach Marmaris ( Uzunyali Beach Marmaris ) Night Life
Night life in Long Beach Marmaris – Bars in Long Beach Marmaris, Discos in Long Beach Marmaris, Night Clubs in Long Beach Marmaris

Uzunyali or Long Beach is fun – karaoke bars, dance bars, Happy hour, live music and sports bars right on the beach. It’s a melting pot of individuals coming together for dance and drinks while having a great time. 
Marmaris Uzunyali’s Top Nightlife…

Bar Street Night Life 
Night life in Bar Street Marmaris – Bars in Bar Street Marmaris, Discos in Bar Street Marmaris, Night Clubs in Bar Street Marmaris

High energy bars and discos lined on both sides of the Bar street. Bar Street is the place to see and be seen in Marmaris. An impressive variety of music styles attract a crowd long past midnight. 
Marmaris Bar Street’s Top Nightlife… 
Marina Night Life 
Night life in Marina Marmaris – Bars in Marina Marmaris, Discos in Marina Marmaris, Night Clubs in Marina Marmaris

Marmaris is famous for its party vibe and non-stop nightlife. The resort is seething with after-hours drinking and dancing dens of all shapes and sizes. Follow our nightlife guide to help you get the party started!
Marmaris town’s Top Nightlife… 
Icmeler Town Night Life
Night life in Icmeler Marmaris – Bars in Icmeler Marmaris, Discos in Icmeler Marmaris, Night Clubs in Icmeler Marmaris

Icmeler is a chic resort with good quality nightlife that attracts a sophisticated client. Icmeler bars are just exotic enough to please the adventurous, but have reliable favorites. 
Icmeler town’s Top Nightlife…

Armutalan Town Night Life 
Night life in Armutalan Marmaris – Bars in Armutalan Marmaris, Discos in Armutalan Marmaris, Night Clubs in Armutalan Marmaris

From the pulsating dancefloors of major nightclubs to the chilled intimacy of smaller DJ bars, Armutalan has something to offer both hardcore party animals and those looking for a quiet drink and conversation. 
Armutalan town’s Top Nightlife…