Please tell me if I can use credit cards in Marmaris and how I can get exchange rate. Are there ATM machines in Marmaris? Travel cheque? 

In resort there are ATM machines near every bank and large supermarkets like Tansas and Migros, also in most places you will be able to pay by credit card, be it a shop or a restaurant. Please keep in mind, the banks charge about 5 % commission on credit card payments , so you may be asked to cover this too, however it should not exceed 5 %! Before you hand in your credit card for payment check the current exchange rate that will be applied to your purchase. The reason we advise you to do so is that different shops, restaurants, agencies, hotels, etc. apply different commercial bank rates (because those banks are handling their credit card transactions) and not the Turkish Central Bank rate which will result in a higher price on your credit card statement. For all your internet bookings with our company Turkish Central Bank rates are applied! Also most places accept foreign currency for payments. So if you see or bargain a good deal in foreign currency pay the amount in same currency to avoid increase in agreed price.

You can cash your Travellers cheques at any exchange bureau, however check the commission rates, as the exchange rate displayed outside is usually the Selling rate. You can also check the Turkish central Bank daily exchange rates on our website.