Mustafa Kemal Atatürk 

Atatürk Reforms 

The great leader Atatürk undertook many reforms in a short time with the aim of modernizing Turkey. We can summarize them as 

01. Foundation of. the Republic
02. Closure of the theological schools ( medrese )
03. Abolishment of religious courts.
04. The application of secularism
05. The unification of education.
06. The modification of school curriculum according to contemporary and national needs.
07. Acceptance of the new Constitution.
08. Introduction of the international calendarial and horary system.
09. The prohibition of religious orders ( closure of dervish lodges )
10. Acceptance of the Civil Code
11. Introduction of the latin alphabet
12. Civil rights accorded to Turkish women
13. Association of Studies in Turksih History
14. Association of Studies in Turksih Language
15. Introduction of the surname
16. The establishment of standards of dress; introduction of the hat